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An Ascending Octave of Intervals

The C Tuning Fork sounded with each of the Forks in the set (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C octave)

This 6 minute (5mins 52secs) Octave of Sound download is available for a £3 donation.

download file details : tuning_forks.zip : 11.67 megaBytes

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This longer recording can be used at various levels. At its simplest level it will, typically, raise your energy and awareness. It too can be used on a loop although at any one time it should, perhaps, not be used for more than 20 minutes. We are hoping to use this recording in experiments to replicate work done in a laboratory in the 1970s where the increase in cell tension due to the raising of frequencies caused cancer cells to oxygenate. The actual tuning fork version (used in the making of this recording) is recommended as a flush through of Chakra Energies, in an ascending way. We are making a nominal charge of £3 for this Octave of Intervals recording, as a download. All proceeds will go directly to Sound4Healing’s PayPal Account. Feedback on your experience of using the recording is welcomed.