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Download the 2-minute MP3 recording of the C and G Tuning Forks sounding together (listen below).

download file details : tuning_forks_cg.mp3 : 4.58 megaBytes

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Listen to a 2-minute recording of the C and G Tuning Forks sounding together:

It is based upon a balancing Interval of a “Perfect Fifth”, many say the most harmonious and pleasant of all the intervals. American research also suggests that this positively affects the cells processing of Nitric Oxide (found to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial and can boost an immune system).

This recording is meant for personal use with earphones. It is designed to be used either as a standalone quick piece or can be used on a loop to assist achievement of a balanced meditative state. We plan to use this recording in “Mindfulness” research, when we find suitably qualified and equipped partners to work with. Feedback on your experience of using the recording is welcomed.

Please do not listen to these recordings while driving, or while operating any machinery (apart from audio equipment).